Download the guide to learn what recruiting content every employer must have to attract talent in the new hiring landscape, plus best practices and quick tips for creating a year’s worth of Recruitment Marketing content that’s both timely and timeless. Includes:

Do you have the right recruiting content?

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This Rally How To Guide will teach you how to create a content library that will give you a year’s worth of Recruitment Marketing content for your careers site and all your recruiting channels. You’ll learn what core assets you’ll need for Recruitment Marketing in 2020 and 2021, how to use the COPE strategy (create once, publish everywhere) to build a rich content library and best practices to amplify your content. Plus, you’ll see smart examples from employers that are leading the way in content marketing to inspire your own content plans.

Featuring expert tips from: Asana, Nestle, Ochsner, Sodexo and Squarespace.

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 18 Tips to Level Up Your Content Library 


Recruiters are under pressure to fill jobs with great talent, but recruitment marketers are under pressure to fill recruiting channels with great content. And the more channels you have — careers site, blog, talent network, social media — the more content you need.  Or do you?

  • The 7 core content assets you need in 2020 and 2021
  • 31-point content creation checklist
  • How to turn 1 employee story into 20 pieces of content
  • 6 practitioners share their pro tips and examples

Best practices from our community of 24,000 practitioners