18 Ways to Share Employee Stories

Here’s how to use your employee stories to attract candidates when they’re searching online and engaging in social media. Packed with easy tips for any budget, and features inspiring examples from Citizens Bank, Seattle Children’s Hospital and others.

It’s not all about work. It’s also about giving back. Candidates want an employer that aligns with their purpose. Showing how your employees support the community can help candidates see your company values in action.


Rally Recruitment Marketing Ideabook:
18 Ways to Repurpose Employee Stories

The reasons that people work at your company are so much more than the perks you offer. Employees may love your collaborative work culture, inclusive company values and how you make a real difference in the success of your customers.

So how do you communicate your employer brand value to attract more great hires? By telling the authentic stories of your employees. Whether captured in videos, interviews or reviews, employee stories are the most important content assets in your Recruitment Marketing toolkit.

This Ideabook, sponsored by The Muse, is packed with inspiration for how to share your employee stories where and when potential candidates may be searching online and open to hearing about your company. Without needing a lot of resources or time, you can use these modern marketing tactics to repurpose your employee content to attract and engage candidates through social and digital channels.

We provide 18 fresh ideas and how-to tips for sharing all the great employee stories you’ve been collecting, like:

1. Employee Interviews
2. Work Culture
3. Volunteerism
4. Customer Projects
5. Employer Reviews
6. Company Videos

Get ready to be inspired to share your employee stories. Download your copy of the Ideabook today.

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