2017 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Awards Executive Brief

The Talent Board provides the industry benchmark for what makes a winning candidate experience by surveying hundreds of thousands of candidates each year. Get the highlights of their latest research report in the 2017 North American Candidate Experience Awards Executive Brief, and find out how you can improve your candidate experience.

The 2017 North American Talent Board Candidate Experience (CandE) Benchmark Research Report

The 2017 North American Talent Board benchmark research program included 200 participating companies eager to put their recruiting practices under the microscope, and 180,000 job seekers sharing their thoughts and experiences as candidates.

The 50 CandE award-winning companies – some of which are featured in this report – were identified through a blind data analysis focused on these four key data points:

1. A “very positive overall” candidate experience rating
2. An “extremely likely to apply again” candidate rating
3. An “extremely likely to refer others” candidate rating
4. And the fact that candidates said they were willing to increase their business relationship with the employer via applying again, referring others and making purchases when applicable

This year’s scoring created value ranking for systematically identifying the strongest companies with the highest positive candidate ratings and, ultimately, this year’s winners. To qualify, each company had to commit to a statistically significant candidate response, and the proportion of respondents not hired also had to exceed a set standard. No other candidate experience research effort meets these strict standards.

It’s also important to note that the majority of candidates who participated in the North American CandE research this year – 85 percent overall – are those who were rejected, hadn’t heard back on next steps wherever they were in the recruiting process, or did not know of any offer at the time they completed our survey. Talent Board has found that these candidates have a greater aggregate impact on the business and the brand than those who are hired.

More than an awards competition, the CandE Awards also serve as a benchmarking program to raise awareness of the benefits of a positive candidate experience and highlight the tools, technology and techniques that can facilitate the process, as demonstrated by winning companies. This year’s North American CandE research report is again divided into three core areas of talent acquisition (Attract, Recruit and Hire). It explores why each area is critical to the candidate experience and helps answer three basic questions:

1. What do candidates want and expect from an employer?
2. What are employers doing to help meet candidates needs?
3. What can employers do better overall (based on what CandE Award winners are doing)?

Learn from the CandE winners and the Talent Board’s extensive research for how you can improve your candidate experience. Download the 2017 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Awards Executive Brief today.

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