Our exclusive 2019 survey of Recruitment Marketing practitioners reveals valuable insights about this emerging strategy and exciting career. For the first time, we quantify the job responsibilities of recruitment marketers, how much salary they earn and where they gain their experience. Plus, we learn more about the challenges that these Recruitment Marketing pioneers face, including what their talent acquisition and HR managers don’t know about Recruitment Marketing, how much recruitment marketers feel supported to succeed and how well they can measure their effectiveness. The bottom line: Your skills are in hot demand, and you have a tremendous opportunity to lead the way forward. Download our exclusive report today! (Updated July 8, 2019)

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2019 Recruitment Marketing Job and Salary Survey Report

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  • Recruitment Marketing salary information for full time and part time practitioners
  • Salaries by job level and years of experience
  • Comparison of job responsibilities and what skills set recruitment marketers apart
  • Where Recruitment Marketing sits in the organization
  • Career path for practitioners with Recruitment Marketing skills
  • Experience needed to become a recruitment marketer
Exclusive 2019 job and salary data for Recruitment Marketing practitioners.
Exclusive 2019 job and salary data for Recruitment Marketers