[Webinar On Demand] Create Your 2020 Recruitment Marketing Plan

[Webinar On Demand] Create Your 2020 Recruitment Marketing Plan

Are you ready for 2020? Watch this Rally Webinar on how to create your Recruitment Marketing plan for 2020. Shelby Grip, Sr. Manager of Talent Brand and Recruitment Marketing at Stryker, and Lori Sylvia, Rally Founder, share their pro tips for how to build a plan that’s achievable on any budget. You’ll learn what programs, projects, technologies and resources to focus on this year that will give your company an edge in talent attraction. In partnership with Glassdoor and Talemetry. (Length: 1 Hour)


How to create Recruitment Marketing goals that align with Talent Acquisition goals

What to consider when defining the campaigns and activities that will support your hiring objectives

Advice for balancing programs versus projects, and which projects you should prioritize to improve your operations this year and in years to come

Ways to identify the resources you will need to successfully implement your Recruitment Marketing strategy

The foundational technology that every Talent Acquisition organization needs for Recruitment Marketing operations

How to measure the success of Recruitment Marketing outcomes with metrics that your leadership really cares about


Shelby Grip Stryker Rally Founder Lori Sylvia