4 Proven Tactics to Attract Veterans, Featuring Dell Technologies

Learn the 4 proven Recruitment Marketing tactics that Dell Technologies uses to attract and recruit veterans and transitioning military. This case study shares how Dell uncovered the real veteran employee experience and uses authentic employee stories, videos and content to achieve their Diversity and Inclusion hiring goals. Features tips for identifying employee brand ambassadors, attending recruitment events, using social media hashtags and creating targeted content.

Time and time again, the Dell team has observed that their veteran hires have a strong work ethic, leadership abilities and are great team players.


How To Attract Veterans With Authentic Employee Stories

Whether your company has a veteran hiring initiative, or you simply want to attract veteran candidates, you’ll need a Recruitment Marketing strategy specifically for this talent pool to be successful. Everything you do, from how you communicate your employer value proposition to who is communicating your messaging to veterans, will need to be spot-on to resonate authentically with this audience.

To learn what Recruitment Marketing strategies and tactics are effective for attracting veterans, Rally turned to Dell Technologies, a global leader in IT infrastructure and digital transformation, whose innovative content marketing approach has helped Dell successfully recruit veterans.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Dell Technologies:

  • Determines their key messages to attract veteran hires
  • Identifies veteran employee storytellers and brand champions
  • Creates stories that authentically communicate the veteran employee experience at Dell
  • Repurposes and builds enough veteran content for a year from only two days of interviews
  • Provides value-added content and resources that brand Dell as a veteran-friendly employer
  • Lands their content in front of veterans

This Rally™ Recruitment Marketing Case Study overviews some tactics and techniques from Dell Technologies—a company that’s getting it right when it comes to Recruitment Marketing initiatives geared towards attracting veteran hires. Download your copy of this case study →

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