5 Trends Shaping Employer Reviews

The future of employer reviews is headed in a new and exciting direction. Key marketing trends like Social Proof, Influencer Marketing and Employee Generated Content are shaping the way that candidates are using reviews to evaluate employers and how companies are leveraging reviews to frame their employer brands. This Rally How To Guide will explain these key trends and show you innovative ways to use reviews that will differentiate your talent attraction strategy. You’ll see examples of how forward-thinking employers are already seizing these trends to create a more in-depth, engaging and positive perception of their companies. Featuring HeartPlace, AARP, CBS Interactive, Expedia Group and more.

If you’re not managing your reputation as an employer, you’re creating a void that will be filled by voices that are not your own.


Rally Recruitment Marketing Guide:
5 Trends Shaping Employer Reviews

Whether you embrace employer reviews or fear them (and maybe it’s both!), you know how influential reviews are to forming a candidate’s opinion of your company. Positive reviews can propel a candidate to seriously consider joining your team, while negative reviews can turn them away.

As you work to grow the number of positive reviews and respond to feedback, it’s good to keep in mind that your employer reviews and rating are just the start! While the reviews and rating are valuable to job seekers, what can differentiate your brand from the competition is both the insight provided by reviews and when candidates read reviews in their journey.

This Rally™ How To Guide will show you key marketing trends that are shaping the future of employer reviews and how you can use them to frame the narrative of your organization. These strategies will work for companies across all industries, from healthcare to retail to consumer services and more. You’ll see examples from leading employers of the forward-thinking ways they’re successfully leveraging review content to create a more in-depth, engaging and positive perception of their companies.

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