Discover 50 opportunities to infuse your employer brand into your virtual candidate and employee experience. You'll learn the key moments and touchpoints across 14 stages from pre-hire to retire where you can activate your employer brand digitally so that you can create a quality experience for both candidates and employees.

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This Rally How To Guide charts the employee journey from pre-hire to retire. Across these 14 stages, you'll discover 50 opportunities to infuse what your employer brand represents into your new virtual candidate and employee experience. Plus, you'll see examples of 5 leading employers that you can learn from.

The guide will serve as a roadmap and checklist to identify the moments and touchpoints you can use to create a quality employee experience and activate your employer brand digitally for your different audiences: candidates and employees. After reading this guide, you’ll be empowered to create and activate a plan for infusing your employer brand into the new digital employee lifecycle with support from your leadership team and other important stakeholders.

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50 Ways to Brand Your
Candidate & Employee Experience


This ideabook covers:

Which digital touchpoints have the most impact on your candidate and employee experience

How to consistently bring your employee value proposition (EVP) to life in a virtual world 

How to optimize your content and internal communications plans to attract and retain talent more effectively

Best practices from our community of 27,000 practitioners

Your employer brand isn’t only communicated through your candidate experience alone. The employee experience you provide shapes the fabric of your organization, informing what your employer brand stands for. In turn, the touchpoints that your employees interact with are important moments for reinforcing your employer brand values internally. That’s why activating your employer brand across the entire employee lifecycle is critical to both talent attraction and retention, and could become a differentiator in your recruiting strategy.


Featuring examples from Audible, Axonify, Booz Allen, Cox Enterprises and Corteva Agriscience.