9 Lead Nurture Strategies to Spark Engagement

Lead nurture is a marketing best practice that can help you recruit candidates who already know you, which can mean a higher response rate, lower cost and faster time to hire. Download this Rally How To Guide to learn the 4 essentials for nurturing your talent database through email marketing and text recruiting, plus 9 lead nurture strategies to spark engagement. Packed with 15 employer examples including Great Clips, Trilogy Health, Eventbrite, Lockheed Martin and more.

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost.


Rally Recruitment Marketing How To Guide:
9 Lead Nurture Strategies to Spark Engagement

One of the smartest strategies you can have in Talent Acquisition is to build a database of quality candidates who are interested in hearing about future career opportunities at your company. These candidates may not be ready to apply for a job today or may not see an open job that fits, but they ask to stay in touch, and that’s an opportunity we shouldn’t waste.

But adding a button that says “Join our Talent Network” on your careers page or uploading a list of attendees from your last recruiting event is just the beginning. The most important step is what comes next: converting candidates from the top of your recruiting funnel to the bottom into new hires. In Marketing, this practice is called lead nurturing, and it’s a valuable email marketing strategy that can make a big impact in recruiting.

This Rally How To Guide explains the essential elements of nurturing your talent database to consider your jobs and refer their friends. We’ll cover how to segment your talent database to ensure your emails are personalized and relevant, ideas for content throughout the candidate journey and how to measure your campaigns to know you’re getting results. Plus, you’ll see 9 examples of emails and texts that you can borrow to spark engagement.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The 4 essentials needed to start your lead nurture plan
  • What is the right content to send at each stage in the candidate journey
  • How to compare your lead nurture results to other employers

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