Employer branding is one of the most important strategies in recruiting today. Done right, and your employer brand can attract your ideal candidate personas and differentiate your employee value proposition from your talent competitors. Done wrong, and candidates won't understand why they should choose to work for you.

In this Rally Ideabook, 8 industry leaders teach you their breakthrough strategies so that your company can rise above the noise, be found even when candidates aren't looking, stand out as a great place to work, and offer a compelling value proposition that attracts top talent.

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The practitioners featured in this Rally Ideabook all learned how to achieve breakthrough employer branding. They did their research, tested new messaging and made lots of mistakes along the way, but ultimately their perseverance enabled them to craft an employer brand that resonates with internal stakeholders and their talent audience.

As you'll learn from this ideabook, to succeed in employer branding it doesn’t matter what your role is or how much prior experience you have in Recruitment Marketing. What matters most is stepping up to lead the way forward at your organization, and to keep pushing through your own mistakes and any obstacles you face. Because you can do this! 

Featuring tips from:  Talkdesk, Capital One, Dent Wizard International, UBS, ABB, VCA Animal Hospitals, PandoLogic and Appcast.

Best practices from our community of 40,000 practitioners

Meet your Employer Branding Mentors!

8 Breakthrough Ideas in Employer Branding


How to begin an employer branding strategy at your company, and why it's ok to fail sometimes

Ways to scale up your employer branding initiatives including employee advocacy

How to win the support of stakeholders and leadership for bold ideas you've never tried before

You'll learn:

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An ideabook filled with tips from leading professionals on how to elevate your employer branding strategy.

In this Ideabook...

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Shauna Geraghty
SVP Head of Global Talent, 

Kandi Hardy Derenzis
Talent Brand Manager,
Capital One

Tony Suzda
Director of Talent Acquisition and
Talent Strategy, Dent Wizard International

Jonna Sjovall
Global Head of Employer Branding
and Recruitment Marketing, UBS

Edoardo Ambrosi
Global Manager - University
Relations, Early Talents & Employer
Branding, ABB

Ally Brown
Employer Brand Manager,
VCA Animal Hospitals

Sumit Gupta
CTO - US Innovation Lab,

Andrew Flowers
Labor Economist,

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