What could you do with $10,000, $100,000 or even $1,000,000 to spend on Recruitment Marketing next year?

Learn to put together a strong data-backed budget plan that gets you the job advertising and employer branding resources you need in 2023.

Support your Recruitment Marketing strategy with a comprehensive budget

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Even if your budget is smaller than you’d like or your company is reducing its hiring plan, learn to mix the right focus, resourcefulness and creativity to build the business case for important initiatives to still make a big impact on talent attraction next year!

Whether you’re in the middle of budget planning right now, or you’ve already submitted your budget request, you won’t want to miss this webinar. You’ll get expert advice for planning how much budget you’ll really need to achieve your goals and pro tips for optimizing every dollar.

Building a Recruitment Marketing Budget for any size

What are the average Recruitment Marketing and employer branding budgets for different company sizes, according to Rally industry survey data

How much to budget for campaigns, projects and tools

The important differences in budget planning for building talent pipelines versus raising employer brand awareness

Where you can access data to build your budget from the bottom up

Pro tips for negotiating the Recruitment Marketing budget you really want!

Plus, how to forecast your budget needs using our Recruitment Marketing Conversion Rate Calculator (available to all attendees!)

Getting and optimizing your budget will make a big impact on your talent attraction strategy! Watch and learn to create a comprehensive Recruitment Marketing budget.

Getting your dream budget approved for Recruitment Marketing and employer branding is challenging in any year, but will be especially challenging going into 2023 with the fear of a recession. You’ll need data to back up your budget requests and strategy recommendations, so that you’re ready to negotiate what you need to do your best work and confident explaining what you can deliver for the organization.

Join Rally’s Lori Sylvia for a Webinar On Demand to prepare your 2023 Recruitment Marketing budget like a pro.

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