Employee stories are now a vital part of any Recruitment Marketing strategy. They provide a genuine snapshot of life within your company to job seekers and candidates. As you develop an employee stories program, it becomes necessary to create a thorough and organized process for sourcing, developing and managing this content. Whether you have an existing collection of stories or are starting from scratch, this ultimate guide will help you organize the operational aspects of your library so you can spend more time using the content to attract talent to your company.

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In this Rally How to Guide, you’ll learn how to become a story seeker and enabler to find hidden gems from your employees about life at your company to use in your Recruitment Marketing efforts. You’ll be taken further, to learn how to develop and maintain this content in a library that you can pull from as needed.  

After reading this guide, you’ll walk away with the best practices for planning, implementing and project managing an employee stories initiative, creating a program that helps your Recruitment Marketing strategy without taking up more of your time.  

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The Ultimate Guide to Building an Employee Stories Content Library


This How to Guide covers: 

Determining how employee stories will be used in your strategy and identifying who you need to work with and get buy-in from

Developing a story pipe-line and creating your first campaign

Managing your library at scale including organizing the stories, setting privacy options and distributing the content

Evaluating metrics to understand the success of your program

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Best practices from our community of 31,000 practitioners

Employee generated content provides the authentic and credible perspective that job seekers are looking for. It also provides you with a vast collection of anecdotes and examples to pull from when marketing your employer brand and attracting talent to your company. Being able to coordinate this effort, grow the collection and easily utilize the stories as you need them is the key to turning this strategy into an ongoing and impactful Recruitment Marketing program.  


Learn how to develop an employee story generation engine

Create a library of employee generated content to support your Recruitment Marketing strategies 

Includes a 12-step checklist to launch, build and manage your employee stories strategy and content library!

Featuring examples from TAG - The Aspen Group and Evans Consulting.