27 Candidate Experience Upgrades

At our RallyFwd™ Virtual Conference: See the Future of Candidate Experience, we learned how to make candidate experience a differentiator in 2020. We were inspired and motivated, and we took home actionable tips that we all can implement to upgrade our candidate experience today. In this Rally Ideabook, you’ll get the top beginner, pro and expert tactics for communicating with candidates at key moments in the candidate journey, using technology to make your recruiting process high-tech and high-touch, and aligning everyone in your company to deliver an outstanding candidate experience.

1. Ryan Berman, Founder of Courageous and Author of Return on Courageous

2. Kristen Magni, Vice President of Talent & Culture at Bozzuto

3. Shavonne Thomas, Employment Brand Manager at Exelon

4. Chris Mulhall, Vice President of Talent and Organizational Effectiveness at PointClickCare

5. Stacy Van Meter, Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Employment Brand at Deluxe Corporation

6. Kevin W. Grossman, President of the Talent Board

7. Serge Boudreau, Director Talent Acquisition at Robots and Pencils

8. Hanady Khourshid, Employer Brand & Diversity Manager at CDW

9. Kristen Maxey, Recruitment Marketing Specialist at CDW

10. Martin Spokony, Talent Acquisition Director at Aspen Dental


A positive candidate experience is crucial in today’s competitive recruitment landscape. The right strategies and tactics can help transform your candidate experience into a differentiator that attracts and recruits the right talent. 


Rally Recruitment Marketing Ideabook:
27 Candidate Experience Upgrades

In this Rally Ideabook, 10 practitioners share their future-forward ideas for upgrading your candidate experience today. These practitioners presented their best tips and strategies at our RallyFwd™ Virtual Conference in December 2019 for making candidate experience your differentiator in 2020 and beyond. Our Rally Recruitment Marketing community was inspired by the actionable takeaways from the conference, and we know you’ll be inspired too! Inside, we’ve summarized their best experience upgrade tips from each practitioner.

How are we inspired? Every year in May and December, Rally Recruitment Marketing hosts a free virtual conference called RallyFwd™. The industry’s leading practitioners share their expertise and insights with the Rally community that they can implement right away. The theme of RallyFwd in December 2019 was See the Future of Candidate Experience to gain a Recruitment Marketing advantage.

In this ideabook, you’ll hear from recruitment thought leaders from: Courageous, Bozzuto, Exelon, PointClickCare, Deluxe Corporation, Talent Board, Burnco, CDW, and Aspen Dental.

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