Careers Site Content Planning Guide & Template

Content is the most important aspect of your careers site. So when is the last time you updated your careers site content? In this Rally Careers Site Content Planning Guide and Template, we give you everything you need to plan, develop and implement compelling careers site content that puts candidates’ needs first and drives them to action. This resource is packed with strategies and customizable content planning templates and examples to help you answer the right questions during the content planning process. Download this guide to breathe new life into your recruitment marketing content and make your careers site refresh a huge success.

When a candidate comes to your careers page, content is what makes candidates stay or turns them away.


Rally Recruitment Marketing:
Careers Site Content Planning Guide

If your company is planning a careers site update or you’d like to simply take your careers site content to the next level, this guide is for you. In this guide, we take you through the steps need to plan and implement a content update for your careers site. It’s not meant to encompass all the potential requirements for a careers site upgrade, especially on the user experience (UX) or technology front. But throughout the guide, we focus on important elements to consider, including candidate experience, the candidate journey and conversion points, as well as questions to ask when working with a careers site vendor.

In this Rally Planning Guide and Template, we’ll cover:

  1. Planning – Preparing for what content you’ll need
  2. Development – Organizing and creating your site’s content
  3. Implementation – Technology and partner considerations
  4. Measurement – What to track to know your impact

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