8 Ways to Increase Careers Site Conversions

Conversion rate optimization is a valuable marketing strategy you can use to turn more careers site visitors into applicants. With all the talent you’re attracting to your careers site, it’s important to consider how to increase the conversion rate of the qualified candidates that you’re bringing in. In this Rally Ideabook, you’ll learn 8 ways to increase your careers site conversions through these best practice strategies and technologies: personalization, landing pages, chatbots, enhanced job descriptions, reminders, popups, retargeting and remarketing. Plus, you’ll see smart examples from leading employers and the real results they’re achieving, including: Southwest Airlines, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Community Medical Centers, BURNCO, DigitalOcean, Newell Brands, Eventbrite and Wells Fargo.

Your careers site is the most visible and important asset that you manage in Recruitment Marketing. So you might be wondering: How well does your careers site perform to attract and convert qualified candidates?


Rally Recruitment Marketing Ideabook:
8 Ways to Increase Careers Site Conversions

Your careers site isn’t static — there is always something that can improve how talent interacts with your careers pages and drive more visitors to take action, such as applying for a job, registering for an event or joining your talent network. This practice of continually testing and optimizing the performance is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and it’s a strategy that we can borrow from our marketing peers to make our careers sites perform just as good as corporate websites (and maybe better!).

This Rally Ideabook will show you tactics, technologies and strategies that will help you boost your careers site conversion rate. We show you key functionality that you can use to improve your Recruitment Marketing campaign performance and optimize return on investment.

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