Employee Generated Content (EGC)—images, blogs, videos and other content created and shared by employees, reflecting their experience at your company—is no longer just resharing blog posts or photos from a holiday party. EGC is emerging as substantive insights created and shared by employees to engage candidates and answer their questions about life at your organization.

Download this ideabook to see the future of employee generated content and how it can further your employer brand. Plus, discover what questions candidates want answered and strategies for empowering employees to engage directly with talent.

Featuring examples from Micron, Mars, ServiceNow and Rally Award winners PetSmart and BAE Systems.

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The strategic question that you must answer is this:
Will you not only encourage EGC, but how far will you go to facilitate the direct connection between candidates and your employees?

In this Rally ideabook, you’ll learn how to give your employee generated content a boost to further your employer brand. You’ll learn what candidates want to know, best practices for getting employees excited about creating new material and how to showcase all of this growing and informative content, utilizing it throughout the candidate journey.

Use this ideabook to elevate your employer brand by creating a framework that empowers employees to provide real insight into your company to increase the chances that candidates will apply or accept an offer with your organization.

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The Future of 
Employee Generated Content


This ideabook covers: 

What questions candidates want answered by your employees as they consider working for your company

How to enable employees to directly engage with candidates

How to leverage EGC to enhance your employee advocacy program

Where to showcase your EGC to improve the candidate journey

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Candidates want a genuine and unfiltered view into your company, the work and culture to understand how it will develop and further their careers. They want to know how to be successful and are looking for concrete information about work-life balance, diversity and inclusion and even challenges they might experience in the role.


Learn what candidates really want to know about your company

Optimizing employee generated content in your employer brand strategy