Your role should be more strategic. Your company's EVP should be resonating more with the right candidates.

Are you stuck?

Get expert advice and the kick-in-the-butt you need from leading employer brand mentors to rethink your strategy and advance your career. You'll learn: 

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As the voice for employees and candidates, you bring skills and a unique perspective that's needed right this very moment. How your company is responding to the challenges of COVID-19 and systemic racism are defining your organization's brand, calling upon all of us to lead in new ways. To rise to these challenges, you’ll need new strategies, skills and courage. This Rally Ideabook will empower you with all 3 by hearing the strategic insights and career advice of some of the industry’s leading employer brand mentors.

Featuring expert tips from: Sodexo, Philips, Arbonne, Danaher, Asana, Klook and The Muse

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21 Insights from Employer Brand Mentors

Employer brands are more visible and more exposed than ever before. The way organizations are responding to today’s challenges as employers is shaping a company’s reputation even more than its corporate brand. These brand perceptions will stick around for years to come, impacting an organization’s bottom line and ability to acquire customers as well as recruit talent in the future. That’s why your role has never been more important.
  • How to define or refine your employer brand to reflect your company's values in action
  • How to turn your employer brand inward to engage employees and shape your culture
  • How to stay agile and make your role even more strategic
  • Includes checklists, charts and some tough love!

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