Download this new Rally Ideabook to learn what's changed with telling employer brand stories as a result of the pandemic, and how you can shift your strategy towards more organic and authentic content rather than overly polished videos that are filtered through a corporate lens.

Featuring inspiring examples from Alation, Netlify, Planet, Kira Systems and Nestlé U.S.

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In this Rally Ideabook, you'll learn how the candidate mindset has shifted in 2020 and the specific changes that are required to adapt your employer brand storytelling strategy going forward. You’ll learn new tactics for capturing compelling employee stories while your employees are remote. And, you'll see fresh examples of content created by companies that are leading us into this new world of digital Recruitment Marketing and their content activation plans.

You'll walk away knowing how to give candidates up-to-date, deeper and unfiltered insight into your current company culture and employee experience, so that you can continue to attract the talent you need — despite these challenging times — to fill critical roles now and build your talent pipeline for the future.

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Employer Brand Storytelling
During COVID-19


This ideabook covers:

Why employer brand storytelling is important and how its execution has changed during COVID-19 

Strategies for capturing authentic employee stories remotely and how to get buy-in from your employees and leadership teams 

Strategies used by leading employer brands for leveraging content across multiple channels and platforms

Best practices from our community of 26,000 practitioners

The pandemic has complicated our approach to Recruitment Marketing content creation. The traditional way of capturing employee stories — using a video production crew on-site — isn’t possible in our new reality. So how do we adapt to this change?