Gen Z has begun entering the workforce and to get their attention and attract them to your company, you need to develop new approaches than you've used with Boomers and Millenials to break through the noise and get noticed.

Download this ideabook to understand the mindset of Gen Z and get ideas for how to cultivate and recruit them with original content that is genuine, honest and unique. Plus, discover which channels they’re on and how to use them to reach this candidate audience.

Featuring examples from Spotify, DICK’S Sporting Goods, Intuit, Aramark and the Washington Post.

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In this Rally ideabook, you’ll learn about the newest generation to enter the workforce and what makes them tick. You’ll learn what messages speak to them and their beliefs. You’ll see the social platforms they’re on and how they use them to connect. And you’ll see real-world examples of companies utilizing these platforms to share original content that speaks directly to Gen Z candidates.

Use this ideabook to strengthen your candidate persona for early career talent and create a strategy for recruiting them that leverages the questions, content and topics they want to see.

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This report covers:

How to get your content and messaging in front of Gen Z talent

What type of content Gen Z talent is actively seeking out

What best-in-class content looks like for attracting this audience

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Gen Z is slated to be the most diverse and most educated generation yet. They’re the world’s first digital natives and, being savvy and pragmatic, they see right through corporate messaging. When it comes to employers, they want real, valuable information about your business to explore all their options before making a choice.


Understand what’s important to Gen Z and what gets their attention

Content Ideas to Engage Gen Z