Your CRM is filled with talent who have shown interest in your past roles, silver medalists, current and former team members and sourced talent. If you’re not leveraging (and furthering) their interest in your company, you’re missing a big opportunity! With the right strategy, you can evolve your CRM to build stronger relationships, reduce the amount you spend on job ads, get more engagement with your employer brand content and hire roles faster with higher-quality candidates.

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To give you a crystal clear idea of how to start implementing the lessons within this How To Guide right away, each section is paired with real examples, advice and pro tips from practitioners in the Rally community. They’ll share how often they send emails, ways they segment their audience, the type of technology used to implement these strategies, how they grow their audience and more!

Featuring examples from: MongoDB, Vontier and Gem

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Step-by-Step Guide to Re-Recruit Talent in Your CRM


Grow your talent database through proven marketing practices

Re-engage previous applicants and cold leads

Nurture passive talent in your CRM with targeted content and outreach campaigns

Use technology to automate templates, personalization and database segmentation

Track and measure your strategy and make sure it’s leading you to success

Download the Rally How To Guide,  The Essential Guide to Engaging Talent in Your CRM

Best practices from our community of 40,000 practitioners

Whether you already have an established CRM, or you’re starting from scratch, use this How To Guide to help you:


Organizing, Building, Nurturing and Engaging the Talent in Your CRM

Real Examples From Talent Attraction Pros

Download this new How to Guide to get proven tactics and real-life examples of how to re-recruit talent in your CRM.