Your talent network is filled with talent who know your employer brand and may be a great fit for a role. But are they “hire ready” and a good lead to pass on to recruiters and hiring managers? Learn strategies to identify who are the most qualified leads quickly!

Utilize your talent database strategically

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Having a talent network is an important recruiting strategy for every employer, enabling you to amass a database of candidates who are interested in your careers and culture, even if you don’t have the right position for them right now. But it can be difficult for recruiters to prioritize and engage candidates that are “hire ready.” That’s where these new strategies can be a game-changer for turning your talent network into a talent pipeline of optimum leads.

We'll share how implementing these strategies can enable you to know which contacts in your talent network are the most qualified leads and ready for recruiter outreach, helping fill roles faster and cheaper. Plus, Adam Gordon, VP Recruitment Marketing Automation from iCIMS will show you how these strategies can also support your diversity and early careers recruiting initiatives.

4 Strategies to Identify "Hire-Ready" Talent Quicker

You can deliver stronger and more qualified candidates to recruiters faster! Watch now and learn how.  

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[Live webinar] Build “Hire Ready” Talent Pipelines with Recruitment Marketing Automation

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November 2, 2022
2pm ET // 11am PT

Attracting talent and getting candidates through the pipeline doesn't have to be so labor intensive! Learn how technology can step in to remove the burdens from your process.

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A framework for defining “hire-ready” talent at your organization

New Recruitment Marketing Automation practices and how they work to help you prioritize the most qualified candidate leads

Best practices for creating “hire ready” talent pipelines for your recruiters and hiring managers

Strategies for creating personalized campaigns to support your diversity and early careers / campus hiring initiatives

In this webinar, you'll learn: