How To Recruit With Employee Stories, Featuring Citizens Bank

Learn how Citizens Bank attracts candidates to its career site by promoting employee stories first and open jobs second. This Recruitment Marketing strategy enables Citizens to recruit for “fit” in a highly competitive job market.

By promoting employee stories first, you can educate potential candidates about your EVP before you present them with your open reqs. If you lead with promoting jobs, you may get applicants who aren’t aligned with your culture, which can lead to attrition and put you back at the beginning.”


Rally Recruitment Marketing Guide:
How To Recruit With Employee Stories

We all love a good story, and so do candidates. That’s why storytelling has become an important Recruitment Marketing skill for everyone in HR and Talent Acquisition.

As candidates become aware of your employer brand, think about applying for one of your jobs and consider accepting your offer, they have questions about your company values, culture and career paths. For answers, they want to hear from the source: your employees.

To learn how to make employee stories the center of Recruitment Marketing strategy, Rally turned to the Employer Brand Marketing team at Citizens Bank, the 12th largest retail bank in the U.S.

This How To Guide, sponsored by TMP Worldwide, explains how Citizens communicates its employer value proposition and attracts candidates to its career site by focusing on promoting employee stories first and open jobs second. Citizens’ Recruitment Marketing approach enables it to successfully recruit for “fit” in a highly competitive job market.

You’ll learn how Citizens Bank:

1. Created a library of 100 employee stories

2. Shares employee stories through social media to drive traffic to its career site

3. Selects appropriate employee imagery to align with its brand and recruiting initiatives

4. Learned what works and what doesn’t

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