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Many different technologies are capable of tracking. In fact, most systems and platforms incorporate some level of tracking technology. It enables you to know what happens when you execute a marketing tactic (like sending an email or sharing a post on social media). But how do you utilize tracking in a way that supports your Recruitment Marketing strategy and is unified across your various channels and campaigns?

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How to Track Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Best practices from our community of 38,000 professionals in Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding and Human Resources.

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Tracking is an essential element to a comprehensive measurement plan. Without it you cannot obtain the data you need to understand if your strategy is successful. Download this new comprehensive guide to tracking for Recruitment Marketing and employer branding to learn what tracking is, why it’s so important to your strategy, what it can measure and how to incorporate it efficiently for your process.  



This Recruitment Marketing How To Guide is created by Rally® Recruitment Marketing, the largest online community of practitioners bringing recruiting and marketing together to lead the future of talent acquisition. Rally with us at https://rallyrecruitmentmarketing.com. Our new analytics & benchmarking tool, Rally® Inside™, shows you what works best to attract talent to your jobs and employer brand by analyzing candidate engagement with your Recruitment Marketing content. With an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks, measures, reports and benchmarks data across your social media and digital channels, you’ll have the insights you need to break through the noise and influence great talent to choose your company. Learn more at https://www.rallyinside.io/.

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[How To Guide] How to Track Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

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