Up to 90% of candidates you attract don’t finish their applications. That’s a lot of potential applicants you could be bringing into your pipeline.  

In this Rally Ideabook, you’ll see a range of ideas and opportunities to increase applicant quality just by fixing aspects of your apply flow. From improving your job descriptions to expanding your employer brand throughout the application process and streamlining the apply flow, you’ll see examples and get pro tips to help you strengthen your candidate experience and elicit more quality candidates to apply.

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Oftentimes, what’s keeping candidates from applying to your jobs isn’t your employer reputation, or the benefits or pay. It can be as simple as how the job description was written or that the application process is confusing or too long. By not paying attention to these details, you’re keeping quality talent from becoming top candidates.

After diving into our ideabook, you’ll understand the top reasons that your candidate experience can discourage talent from applying to your jobs or finishing an application they started. You’ll get pro tips on updating your job descriptions, best practices to simplify your apply process and ideas to carryover your employer brand to the application experience. Plus, you’ll learn why a positive mobile experience is so important today and what you can do it strengthen yours.

Featuring examples from: Hyatt, Bayshore Health and Piedmont Healthcare.

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Creating the optimum candidate experience for applicants

Ways to improve your candidate experience to reduce candidate drop-off

Employer branding techniques to engage talent throughout the application process

Conversion rate optimization best practices to keep more high-quality candidates in your talent pipeline

You'll learn:

4 Ways to Increase Applicant Quality


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Ideas and strategies for generating more qualified applicants by improving the candidate experience throughout your apply flow.

In this Ideabook...

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