With the competition for talent remaining high, finding ways to gain a recruiting advantage is among the top priorities for employers. To solve today's hiring needs, practitioners are experimenting with new approaches to reach candidates through engaging social media, innovative digital marketing and optimized advertising strategies.

In this Rally Ideabook, leading practitioners and industry experts will help you rethink your approach to talent attraction — to increase diversity, lead with your company values, engage your employees in your recruiting efforts, and leverage new technologies to modernize your processes.

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The practitioners featured in this Rally Ideabook all learned how to achieve next-level talent attraction. They did their research, unleashed their creativity and tested new tactics, ultimately breaking through and attracting talent in new ways. We hope you're inspired to try these approaches at your company!

Featuring ideas and insights from:  UPMC, TTEC, Mars, Advocate Aurora Health, Parexel, Mission and Appcast.

Best practices from our community of 40,000 practitioners

Next-Level Practitioners and industry experts!

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Next-Level Talent Attraction Strategies


Modern talent attraction strategies that can take your recruiting efforts to the next level

Specific social and digital tactics that you can use to support key hiring initiatives

Results you can expect and how to demonstrate your success to your stakeholders and leadership

You'll learn:

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Proactive strategies from leading practitioners and industry experts to help you rethink your approach to talent attraction.  

In this Ideabook...

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Abigail Chambley

Director of Talent Acquisition, Mission

Chris Woods

Employer Reputation & Recruitment Marketing Manager, Mars

Grace Leuenberger

Visual Designer, HR Innovation & Experience, UPMC

Bethany Thiede

Sr. Experience Consultant, HR Innovation & Experience, UPMC

Leesha Bush

Global Sr. Manager, Social Media, TTEC

Kristin Andreassi

Experience Consultant, UPMC

Jana Luitjens

Sr. Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding Specialist, Parexel

Rebecca Brookson

Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition Marketing and Communications, TTEC

Jessica Summerfield

Talent Acquisition Marketing Manager, Advocate Aurora Health

Lori Sylvia

Founder & CEO, Rally Recruitment Marketing

Chris Forman

Founder & CEO, Appcast