According to the Talent Board’s 2022 CandE Report, more than ⅓ of candidates last year were waiting over 1 month to hear about the next steps after applying to a job! And 60% of employers don’t ask for candidate experience feedback after a person is hired. A positive and thoughtful experience throughout the candidate journey can have a lasting impact on talent, no matter the outcome of the recruitment process.

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Best practices from our community of 45,000 practitioners

How to Provide an Outstanding Candidate Experience


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Resources, ideas and examples for providing a top tier candidate experience that will help you stand out against your talent competitors and successfully attract and retain the best talent for your company.

Candidate experience matters

Gain a competitive edge with a positive candidate experience

Candidate experience is crucial for attracting and recruiting top talent, improving brand image and reducing attrition rates by providing a positive and smooth process from application through to hiring (and at every step in between). But it’s often not a priority or its business impact is not understood. 

In today’s competitive labor market, companies of all sizes and across all industries need to prioritize the candidate experience. Not doing so can negatively impact being able to hire top talent, getting word-of-mouth referrals, employee retention, employer and consumer brand reputation and more. Download our new kit to start providing an outstanding candidate experience today.


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VIDEO: Watch this webinar for expert insights and advice for improving the candidate experience on your career site to convert more candidates into qualified applicants. Learn optimization strategies, techniques and tools you can use to reduce drop off and increase completed applications.

SLIDES: Access slides from our candidate experience webinar with examples of features and optimization techniques for improving the candidate experience on your career site.  

27 CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE UPGRADES: Use this ideabook to get top beginner, pro and expert tactics for communicating with candidates at key moments in the candidate journey and aligning everyone in your company to deliver an outstanding candidate experience.

CANDIDATE JOURNEY MAP & CONTENT PLANNER: Use this template to help you understand and document the key stages in the candidate journey for the top personas that you’re recruiting for, and then plan out what content you need at each stage to attract, engage and convert candidates into new hires. Includes instructions and examples. 

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