With more businesses continuing to rebound financially this year and posting more open positions, the squeeze for Recruitment Marketing teams to meet higher and higher recruitment goals is becoming tighter — a challenge made even harder by the fact that there aren’t nearly enough skilled workers to fill these roles.

Download this ideabook to learn how employers are overcoming high-volume recruitment challenges and to discover tactics and strategies to implement at your own organization to meet your recruitment goals, no matter how big.

Featuring examples from Safelite, Integrity Home Care and Hospice, Advantage Solutions and Sitel Group.

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Go right to the source and learn what innovative employers are doing on a day-to-day basis to achieve their high-volume recruitment goals. Featuring examples from 4 organizations across different industries, you’ll hear what challenges they faced, their strategies for overcoming them and the resulting success they saw, and continue to see, today.

Learn from these case studies how to improve your content strategy, programmatic job advertising and measurement through data and benchmarking to help meet high volume recruitment goals of your own.

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4 Expert Strategies to Overcome High Volume Recruitment Challenges


Why employer brand and candidate experience are especially important in high volume recruitment

Strategies for improving your application conversion rate 

Strategies used by leading employers for improving candidate and employee experience to ensure it’s personalized and differentiated, especially during high volume recruiting periods or roles

[Ideabook] 4 Expert Strategies to Overcome High Volume Recruitment Challenges

Best practices from our community of 33,000 practitioners

After breaking down what’s behind today’s high volume recruiting challenges, this ideabook equips you with practitioner-backed tools, information and examples for overcoming them. You’ll learn:


Today’s High Volume Recruiting Challenges: Cause and Solution

Real Examples of Successful High Volume Recruitment Solutions