What’s next? It’s a question on the minds of Recruitment Marketers and other talent professionals everywhere thinking about how they can further develop and strengthen their strategies for the future. As the changes of the past few years have had time to take hold, we can begin to look around with some clarity and put together a game plan for attracting tomorrow’s talent.  

Get advice, ideas and real examples from leading practitioners and industry thought leaders focusing on forward-thinking Recruitment Marketing strategies. From this ideabook, you’ll walk away with the tools, knowledge, tactics and proven examples you need to create a future-proof Recruitment Marketing strategy!

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While these high-priority areas will make all the difference to your strategy in the future, you should be thinking about what you can do right now to start developing or improving them. Each category is paired with real-life examples illuminating the challenges you may face, the tools and pro tips you can use to overcome them and the kinds of results that are possible as a result of these strategies.

In this ideabook you’ll learn:

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8 Ways to Prepare for Tomorrow’s Talent

[Ideabook] 4 Expert Strategies to Overcome High Volume Recruitment Challenges

Best practices from our community of 35,000 practitioners

We see 3 major categories where change is taking place that will affect your ability to attract into the future: technology, data and employee stories. This ideabook is divided into sections based on these 3 areas.


Where the future of talent is headed

Real examples from Recruitment Marketing & employer branding experts

Better recruiting through data tracking, measurement, reporting and benchmarking

Leadership alignment, role recognition and budget procurement

Employee story sourcing, production and distribution 

Talent acquisition empowerment through the right technology

Talent pool and diversity expansion

Featuring examples from Appcast, TalentNet Media, Ph.Creative, Stories Incorporated, CDW, Kindred at Home and Equinix.

Bryan Adams

Craig Fisher
TalentNet Media

Andrew Flowers

Hanady Khourshid

Andrew Mott

Jessica Rose

Lauryn Sargent
Stories Incorporated

Lori Sylvia

Paul White
Kindred at Home


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