15 Strategies to Attract Remote Workers

Candidates are searching for employers that give them the option to work remotely, and many would even consider relocating for the right company and role. With no end in sight to the current talent shortage, it’s time to meet candidates where they are—literally. Offering remote work and relocation opportunities can help you find excellent-fit candidates who are 24% more likely to feel happy and productive in their jobs¹, and help you retain employees wanting more flexibility. Download this Rally Ideabook to see 15 strategies leading employers use to market their remote work, virtual jobs and relocation opportunities. Featuring content examples from Atlassian, Booking.com, 84.51°, Stack Overflow, VMWare, Brafton, Dell and AppDynamics.

Employers in every industry of every size are facing a talent shortage. But how are talent acquisition teams confronting and overcoming this challenge?


Rally Recruitment Marketing Ideabook:
15 Strategies to Attract Remote Workers

As a practitioner, you can support this recruitment strategy by attracting candidates who want to work remotely, are interested in joining virtual teams or who live in another geographic region and are willing to relocate. These candidates are purposefully searching for employers that offer programs for remote workers and have cultures that are inclusive of virtual team members. That means you’ll need to ensure that your employer brand is attractive to these candidates (and in some cases that your city is attractive too) and that your Recruitment Marketing is reaching candidates with the right message.

This Rally Ideabook will show you 15 ways that you can effectively market your company’s remote jobs and relocation opportunities. We’ll share what’s driving candidates to seek remote and relocation options as their next career step, and the benefits that your organization can gain from widening your candidate reach.

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¹Source: https://www.owllabs.com/state-of-remote-work