Free 2-hour Recruitment Marketing Analytics Bootcamp to learn how to track, measure and analyze your recruitment marketing and employer branding strategies using our Rally Inside Recruitment Marketing Analytics & Benchmarking platform.

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Recruitment Marketing Analytics

Do you know which third of your strategy isn't performing?

The solution:

Know your Analytics!

What you'll learn at this FREE virtual bootcamp:

Understanding of recruitment marketing analytics, including how to measure all your channels in one place

How to track & measure sponsored social posts and digital ads

How to perform effective A/B testing and optimization

How to compare organic and paid campaigns, side-by-side

Worksheets to help you plan your budget and report on ROI


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Join us for our FREE bootcamp

              What's a bootcamp?

                  It's like a webinar but more in-depth with hands-on learning!

Let data drive your decisions

Thursday, May 19, 2022 
2:00-4:00pm ET // 11:00am-1:00pm PT

Practitioners are preparing to hire again in 2021....

... But you can't optimize your recruitment marketing and job advertising tactics without understanding all of the metrics and analytics behind those efforts.

Learning to utilize the data will help you gain control of your budget, optimize your strategy and demonstrate ROI across your recruiting channels. 

How can you get more targeted and strategic?


Plus, you'll earn:


Lori Sylvia
Rally Founder & CEO

At our last bootcamp, 100% of attendees said they would attend again and recommend Rally bootcamps to a friend!

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Rally® Inside™ shows you what works best to attract talent to your jobs and employer brand by analyzing candidate engagement with your Recruitment Marketing content. With an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks, measures, reports and benchmarks data across your social media and digital channels, you’ll have the insights you need to break through the noise and influence great talent to choose your company. Learn more at

Strategy + Hands-On Learning + Free Tool

The amount of recruitment marketing that doesn't work