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Recruitment Marketing Campaign Strategy

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Learn how to launch a 4-week Recruitment Marketing campaign that creates awareness for your employer brand, builds a talent pipeline and generates quality applicants for key jobs. 

This course is at your own pace!

Take this 2-hour Recruitment Marketing Campaign Strategy Bootcamp to learn how to plan, launch and measure the results of a multi-channel Recruitment Marketing campaign.

You'll be ready to attract talent to fill 1 key role or to support 1 hiring initiative, with the expert training and best-practice resources you need to repeat this strategy for hiring across your organization... again and again!  

2-Hour Bootcamp    Workbook    Rally Inside Tool

Recruitment Marketing can build your employer brand and support your recruiting goals. Let's do this, together!

You can't wait for job boards to bring you the talent you need. Either you don’t get enough applicants, or you don’t get enough quality applicants. The results are sky-high recruiting costs and sky-high pressure on you to fill jobs now, otherwise leave your company at a competitive disadvantage.

At the same time, depending on traditional job boards for recruiting is leaving you at a career disadvantage. The future of recruiting favors practitioners who have the know-how to create an attractive employer brand and the skills to recruit talent through today’s social and digital channels.

Employers can’t solve their recruiting challenges by depending on job boards.

That’s why you need to know modern Recruitment Marketing.

Rally’s Lori Sylvia will teach you her expert methodology for planning, implementing, tracking and analyzing the results of a multi-channel marketing campaign designed for recruiting.

Once you learn this best-practice campaign strategy, you can re-use and repeat this again and again to help you bring greater awareness to your employer brand, fill future roles and continue to build a quality talent pipeline to help solve your company's recruiting challenges.

You don’t need a big budget or an agency to do Recruitment Marketing for you. You can learn this strategy in 2 hours
 and be ready to DIY!

We’ll Cover:
   Multi-channel campaigns
   Organic and paid strategies
   Support a hiring initiative
   Create a content plan

Skills you’ll develop:
   Employer branding
   Employee value propositions 
   Candidate personas
   Campaign strategy & planning 

   Content creation
   Email marketing
   Landing page creation & conversions

Tactics will include:
   Social media
   Email marketing
   Landing pages
   Hiring events

For Recruitment Marketing campaigns with:
   $0 budget
   $3,000 budget
   $10,000 budget

What you'll learn at this Virtual Bootcamp:

Fundamentals of Recruitment Marketing campaigns, including planning, implementation, measurement and reporting

How to use employer branding to attract talent to your company and jobs

How to select the right tactics to reach your target candidate personas

How to create a multi-channel campaign with organic and paid strategies

How to know what content and messaging work best for you

How to track, measure, analyze and report on campaign ROI


Lori Sylvia
Rally Founder & CEO

Plus, you'll earn:

Who is this for?

For Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting & HR Professionals at all levels, for solo practitioners and teams. You must be an in-house practitioner who works for an employer.

At our last bootcamp, 100% of attendees said they would attend again and recommend Rally bootcamps to a friend!


Watch the Bootcamp

              What's a bootcamp?

                  It's like a webinar but more in-depth with hands-on learning!

What you'll get by attending: 

2-hour hands-on learning, live with Lori, over Zoom

Downloadable Workbook with templates

Access to our Rally® Inside™ Recruitment Marketing tool

Rally Certificate in Recruitment Marketing Campaign Strategy

2 HRCI and SHRM credits

The skills, know-how and confidence to keep going!

About Rally® Inside™

This Bootcamp will be taught hands-on using our Recruitment Marketing tool, Rally® Inside™. As part of your approved registration, you’ll receive a free account to the tool so that you can get the most out of the bootcamp and be ready to hit the ground running. Rally Inside helps you:

Track, measure and report on your campaign results across channels:


Social media

Paid ads


And more!

Learn what works best to attract and recruit each of your job functions by: 

Content topics

Candidate messaging

Graphics and images

Recruiting channels

Powered by the #1 Recruitment Marketing tool


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Cancelation and Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this course, we do not offer refunds. 

Note: This course is not available for vendors or agencies. Rally reserves the right to approve or reject registrants.

By registering for this Rally Academy Course, you are also signing up to use our Rally Inside tool in order to complete the hands-on exercises. After you complete the course, you'll continue to have access to the Free Plan of Rally Inside.



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Recruitment Marketing Campaign Strategy

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