Data-driven Recruitment Marketing: Define where you’re going

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Progress requires a destination and a map to get you there. This is as true for a car ride as it is in Recruitment Marketing! So why don’t more practitioners have a comprehensive measurement plan and strategy?

To help you create yours, download our Recruitment Marketing Measurement Kit. Use it to guide you through the process of crafting your Recruitment Marketing plan, understand which metrics are important to gauge effectiveness, document how you’ll track and measure, and set up processes for analyzing and reporting on the results.

Recruitment Marketing Measurement Kit

Best practices from our community of 35,000 professionals in Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding and Human Resources.

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This Recruitment Marketing Measurement Kit is created by Rally® Recruitment Marketing, the largest online community of practitioners bringing recruiting and marketing together to lead the future of talent acquisition. Rally with us at Our new analytics & benchmarking tool, Rally® Inside™, shows you what works best to attract talent to your jobs and employer brand by analyzing candidate engagement with your Recruitment Marketing content. With an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks, measures, reports and benchmarks data across your social media and digital channels, you’ll have the insights you need to break through the noise and influence great talent to choose your company. Learn more at

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Recruitment Marketing Measurement Kit

Plus, get our new Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report to compare your efforts against other employers! 

VIDEO - Learn directly from Rally’s Lori Sylvia as she walks you through how to structure and craft your Recruitment Marketing Plan! Get her insight on top priorities for talent attraction in 2022 and pro tips to stay agile and adjust to changing business needs.   

PLANNING GUIDE & TEMPLATE - Start your plan with our customizable Recruitment Marketing Planning Guide and Template. Create a professional, versatile Recruitment Marketing plan for 2022 that you can present to your leadership to gain the support you need and make a difference in the company’s hiring goals.

MEASUREMENT WORKSHEET - Dive into the metrics that are important for Recruitment Marketing and where you can source them, plus get our recruitment funnel calculator to know how many candidates it takes to achieve your hiring goals. 

MEASUREMENT PLAN TEMPLATE - Document how you’ll know if your strategy is working and how you will report your results internally to your boss and stakeholders. Complete this template and use it to facilitate an important discussion with your boss and leadership to make sure your plan aligns with their expectations and needs.

NEW RECRUITMENT MARKETING BENCHMARK REPORT - Finally, you’ll get our brand new Recruitment Marketing Benchmark highlights! Sourced from Rally Inside, our new analytics and benchmarking tool, you’ll receive data on the top channels for your Recruitment Marketing efforts by job role.  

What’s inside the Recruitment Marketing Measurement Kit? 

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Get everything you need to plan, measure, analyze and benchmark a winning Recruitment Marketing strategy. Download this 5 piece kit today to know what’s working and, most importantly, to show your leadership the impact you’re making on talent attraction.