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Step-by-step guidance to build your Recruitment Marketing plan

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Part 1 – Look back: Review your 2023 KPIs, budget and outcomes

Part 2 – Look forward: Plan your KPIs and budget for a successful 2024 with laser-focused historical accuracy

Part 3 – Look internally: Assess your employer brand

Part 4 – Look externally: Build your talent pipeline and measure outcomes

2024 Recruitment Marketing Planning Kit

Download this expert kit from our sponsor, Clinch, to get step-by-step, practical guidance for building an effective Recruitment Marketing plan. You'll learn how to implement internal and external assessments that will help you and your team achieve—and exceed—your talent acquisition goals! 


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Design automated workflows

Case Study

Strategies for personalized communications

Scale up implementation with Recruitment Marketing Automation

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2024 Recruitment Marketing Planning Kit

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Clinch is on a mission to transform the way companies attract, nurture and engage talent with its revolutionary Recruitment Marketing Suite. The suite includes intelligent career sites featuring a self-service CMS, powerful automation, employee-generated content tools, and a high-performance recruitment CRM. All this is underpinned by in-depth analytics to help organizations fine-tune their strategies and prove ROI. With seamless integrations, it's a natural extension of the talent acquisition stack: streamlining workflows, enhancing candidate experience, and empowering recruitment teams to work smarter, not harder. Backed by their industry-leading customer support, Clinch provide all the tools for companies to source the best talent, faster.

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