Webinar On Demand: Recruitment Marketing ROI – Learn to Demonstrate Your Value

With Recruitment Marketing still emerging as a discipline, we all must learn how to prove our impact on recruiting. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to show the ROI of your Recruitment Marketing strategies and demonstrate your value as a practitioner. Rally is joined by Kristina Finseth from Phenom People to share practical tips that will justify your Recruitment Marketing investment and advance your career. (60 minutes)

When someone asks for ROI, what they really want to know is, why should I give you more budget and resources?


Rally Recruitment Marketing On Demand Webinar:
Recruitment Marketing ROI, Learn How to Demonstrate Your Value

Whether you’re helping to drive brand awareness and social engagement or crafting emails and job postings, recruitment marketing is very much a part of your job in talent acquisition. And, just like talent analytics show the value of recruiting activities, you need to know how to show the value of your recruitment marketing activities.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to align recruitment marketing to your talent acquisition goals
  • How to show the ROI of your recruitment marketing strategies
  • Three ways to demonstrate your value as a recruitment marketer


Kristina Finseth is a content Content Marketing Lead at PhenomPeople, the pioneer of the world’s first Talent Relationship Marketing Platform, where companies attract phenomenal talent (no pun intended) through a hyper-personalized digital experience.

Lori Sylvia is the Founder and CEO of Rally™ Recruitment Marketing, an online community forum where the best Recruitment Marketing ideas are learned and shared to help HR, Recruiting and Marketing professionals gain new skills, advance their careers and deliver greater business impact.

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