6 Creative Seasonal Hiring Strategies

When business suddenly picks up, recruiting can take a fast-paced, high-pressure turn. So how about learning from employers that do seasonal hiring to help you meet your goals any time of the year? This Rally Ideabook will teach you:

  • Tactics you can use to create a robust recruiting strategy for high-volume hiring
  • The top channels and platforms that can be most effective for sourcing and attracting hourly workers
  • Pro tips on how to make your seasonal opportunities more enticing to job seekers

Rally Guide:
6 Creative Seasonal Hiring Strategies

When you think of seasonal hiring, winter and the holiday season probably come to mind. And for good reason! But seasonal needs can be any time of the year, and no matter the season, this type of recruiting is fast paced and high pressure. It means that your seasonal hiring strategy needs to be laser focused if you want to achieve your hiring objectives within the short window you have.

This Rally Ideabook will show you the strategies and tools you can use to find right-fit seasonal talent. You’ll learn creative strategies that leading employers use to attract candidates for seasonal opportunities, how they’re meeting their seasonal hiring goals and which strategies can work best for your objectives.

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