The candidates you want are on social media! Get a jumpstart now on creating your Fall social recruiting calendar with content that's proven to attract and engage today's talent.

A social media strategy that actually attracts talent.

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If you're using social media like a job board, you're getting it wrong. The data shows that organic posts on LinkedIn and Facebook that promote individual jobs don't get clicks 50% of the time. Candidates are ready to engage with your employer brand on social media, but they prefer to see content about your people and company culture. With the Fall holidays approaching and seasonal hiring ramping up, let's give your talent audience what they're looking for!

Join Rally for a 1-hour live webinar to build a Fall social media calendar that actually works to attract talent. Whether you post to your company's channels or your personal pages, whether you publish twice a month or twice a day, you should be using our best-practice framework for creating a content calendar, backed by Rally® Inside™ benchmark data.

Build Your Fall Social Recruiting Calendar

Rally's expert framework for creating a content plan that's aligned to the candidate journey

The latest benchmark data showing what type of recruiting content your talent audience wants to hear from employers on social media

How to know what works best for different job functions such as technical roles, nursing and healthcare services, sales professionals, customer service representatives and manufacturing production workers

The right posting schedule and cadence to keep your talent audience engaged

Examples of high-performing social posts and why they work, so you can borrow these strategies right away

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Join Rally’s Lori Sylvia for a Webinar On Demand to learn best practices for building a social media content calendar that's designed to attract your candidate personas. You'll walk away ready to create content for months, based on data-driven strategies from our Rally® Inside™ Recruitment Marketing Analytics & Benchmarking tool.  


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