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Discover the latest trends for attracting and engaging talent on social media, with key takeaways you can put into action immediately. The largest analysis we've ever published of Rally® Inside™ data covering 18,000 social posts!

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Responsible for recruiting candidates through email outreach, social media, careers sites, talent newsletter, digital ads and other recruiting sites

Regularly creating content about employee stories, company culture and job opportunities

Struggling with knowing what messaging and channels work best to attract and engage talent beyond traditional job boards

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Rally® Inside™ is an innovative recruitment marketing and analytics tool that empowers you to attract, engage and recruit top talent by providing real-time insights and tracking across all your social and digital recruiting channels. With features like Rally® AI™, you can create highly effective content, optimize your strategies and measure the impact of your campaigns in one centralized platform.

2024 Social Recruiting Strategy Benchmarks Report


18,000 social posts  ·  6,800,000 Impressions  ·  3,800,000 Clicks  ·  6 Social Channels

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64 pages of charts, graphs, trends, insights, pro tips & recommendations for social recruiting

The latest benchmark data on impressions, reach, clicks and engagement

Key topic trends that are working right now to attract and engage talent

Why you should stop publishing "We're Hiring" on your company's social platforms

Which recruiting keywords perform above average and below average

How social media audiences are currently reacting to posts about diversity and DEI

Why AI is game changer in your organic social recruiting strategy

Plus tons more!

You'll discover:

Social media is one of today’s most vital talent attraction strategies. With job boards increasingly ineffective, talent acquisition teams need innovative ways to showcase their employer brand and careers online. Given that people spending nearly 2.5 hours a day on social media, it’s the perfect platform for sharing stories about your company’s people, culture, and values—exactly what candidates seek when researching employers.

However, social media recruiting can be challenging. It demands a constant stream of engaging content to keep your channels vibrant and effective. To excel, you need to continually track and measure what captures your audience’s attention and drives applications. What more, we’re in a new era of recruitment, with social media’s influence and AI’s unprecedented capabilities changing the game.

To support our community in mastering AI-powered social media, we hosted our second annual Social Recruiting Rally from May 6-10, 2024. During this week, practitioners used our Rally® Inside™ Recruitment Marketing tool with Rally® AI™ feature to create best-practice social media posts and track their effectiveness.

Our 2024 Social Recruiting Strategy Benchmarks Report compiles key learnings from the Social Recruiting Rally and insights from over two years of data from the 2,000+ users of Rally Inside. Download the report today to get the latest insights.

There’s lots more you can learn about how to become better at social recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and employer branding with our Rally Inside tool. Sign up for your free account to Rally Inside to join our community!

2024 Social Recruiting Strategy Benchmarks Report: Data-Driven Insights for Talent Attraction