The global pandemic has turned remote work from a trend into the new normal. Tens of millions of people have successfully proven that their jobs can be done from home, and have come to enjoy the increased flexibility of this arrangement. This has created the Work Anywhere Workforce (WAWF) — a new cohort of employees who expect to work remotely. This shift will impact how we attract, recruit and retain talent for years to come.

How can you prepare for and get ahead of this shift before your company starts to lose out on top talent?

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Plus, you’ll hear from 5 leading practitioners who have already made the shift to become remote-friendly and remote-first employers. In addition, we’ll dig into the mindset of the Work Anywhere Workforce with a candidate persona example that you can borrow.

With this guide, you’ll walk away ready to develop a strategy to rise to the opportunities and challenges of attracting, engaging and retaining the new Work Anywhere Workforce.

Featuring expert tips from: A Cloud Guru, Commscope, Dell, HGS and Zoom Video Communications.

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3 Strategy Shifts to Attract the 
Work Anywhere Workforce


Shift #1:  The WAWF will seek out employers that are remote-first or at least remote-friendly, requiring you to completely rethink your employee value proposition, candidate experience, employee experience, company culture and even company operations.

Shift #2:  Your talent pool will increase but so will your talent competition, therefore where and how you attract and recruit talent will need to undergo digital transformation in order to be competitive and cost-efficient.

Shift #3:  With people having more choices in employers than ever before, employee engagement will be the key factor in retaining remote talent, and all talent.

Best practices from our community of 25,000 practitioners

This Rally Strategy Guide will help you navigate 3 major Recruitment Marketing and Talent Acquisition shifts being created by the Work Anywhere Workforce. You’ll be prepared for the impact of these shifts to your strategy and will get specific actions that you can take to respond to the rise of remote work.