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Talent acquisition has evolved from a linear and transactional process to an ongoing lifecycle. Those who haven’t kept up with this change are in a tough
spot as they try to keep up with the constantly changing labor market. Even leaders who have kept up are concerned about what their organization will be able to accomplish in the next 5 years.

The key to long-term TA growth? Build a strong foundation of people, processes, and technology that can adapt to external challenges and industry trends.

This playbook will help you as a leader identify areas of transformation across the talent lifecycle so you can build a foundation for long-term growth.

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TA Transformation Playbook

Download this playbook to learn the steps and actions you can take to transform your talent acquisition strategy, including documenting your end-to-end workflow, identifying challenges and potential solutions, and evaluating your TA tech stack to gain efficiencies and better ROI.

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Strategies for personalized communications

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3 Areas of Talent Acquisition Transformation

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Most talent acquisition teams say that the biggest recruitment challenge they face is the lack of enough qualified applicants to fill their open jobs.

One solution to this challenge is enabling quality candidates to identify themselves based on their engagement with your job marketing and employer brand. In other words, candidates who show that they’re more interested in who you are and what you offer as an employer can be prioritized for your recruiting team. This marketing best practice is achieved using a Candidate Nurture Strategy, in which you provide regular, personalized communication to candidates, and based on how they engage with your communication, you can more easily see which candidates are cold, warm and hire-ready.

Talent acquisition has evolved. To build a workforce that can reach business goals, TA leaders need to transform their organizations.

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People: Identify symptoms, inspect challenges, and evaluate solutions

Process: Create an end-to-end workflow, identify issues, adapt, compare KPIs to goals, and repeat

Technology: Review your tech stack and cut through the clutter to simplify and support your TA transformation