We’ll teach you how to combine strategies and technologies in the right mix for your hiring needs that will enable you to build a diverse, high-quality talent pipeline for today and tomorrow.

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Quantity or quality? When the pressure to hire is on, it can feel like you have to sacrifice one for the other, using every tool in your Recruitment Marketing toolkit to fill the recruiting funnel and hope there are enough quality candidates coming through. But actually, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are new digital talent attraction strategies and technologies that can help you deliver both quantity and quality candidates.

After reading this How To Guide, you’ll have a better understanding of how programmatic job advertising can aid in attracting high quality candidates while eliminating bias that comes inherently (but not necessarily intentionally) to the recruiting process. You’ll also begin to understand how Conversational AI technology can further quality candidates earlier in the process, leading to more efficient screening and interviews. Finally, you’ll get pro tips on engaging and cultivating quality candidates through every stage of your funnel.

Featuring examples from: Express Employment Professionals and Spectrum

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Using technology to assist in quality of hire

Talent Attraction Strategies that Improve Quality of Hire


How programmatic job advertising determines where to promote your jobs to match your quality of hire criteria (and help eliminate bias)

Ways to use conversational AI beyond knock-out questions to uncover which candidates align with your company culture and values

Techniques to keep qualified talent from dropping out of your recruitment funnel

You'll learn:

How To Guide: Talent Attraction Strategies that Improve Quality of Hire
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A practical How To Guide for using job advertising with other technologies and strategies to improve both quantity and quality candidates at the same time.

In this How To Guide...

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Improving quality of hire and eliminating bias with programmatic job advertising
Using AI to better qualify candidates
How to Keep Candidates in your Recruitment Funnel at Every Stage

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