11 Pro Tips for Better Talent Engagement

Learn how to create a Talent Engagement strategy that keeps talent interested in your employer brand and job opportunities so that you can turn candidates into applicants faster. In this Rally Ideabook for companies of all sizes, you’ll hear how 11 talent acquisition and recruitment marketing pros created bold Talent Engagement strategies, the tools they used and the impressive results they achieved. Includes examples of social media, employer branding, events, diversity recruiting, careers sites, text recruiting, micro talent networks and more. Featuring: Social Tribe, Discover, T-Mobile, Wells Fargo, Radius Intelligence, TTEC, Accolade, iCIMS, Memorial Sloan Kettering, BAE Systems and Deloitte.

1. Go Digital to Speak the New Language of Talent Engagement – Megan Conley, Social Tribe

2. Value + Trust = Talent Engagement, with Help from a Social Persona – Mark Diller, T-Mobile

3. Turn Your Recruiters into Talent Advisors With Engaging Content – Aaron Kraljev, Wells Fargo

4. Effective Recruiting Events Require Deliberate Empathy – Joseph Brim, Discover Financial

5. Use Your SMB Power to Increase Talent Engagement – Frankie Buonocore, Radius Intelligence

6. Automation Is Your Secret to Bolstering Talent Engagement – Gretchen Pfeifer, TTEC

7. Engage Your Employees to Engage Your Candidates – Brandon Linn, Accolade

8. Make Video the Star of Your Talent Engagement Toolkit – Amy Warner, iCIMS

9. Text Recruiting for Ultimate Engagement and Attendance – Jenna Sandker, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

10. Partnership is Key to Hiring Diverse Talent – Katrina Fowler, BAE Systems, Inc.

11. Drive Engagement with Micro Talent Networks – Jill Shabelman, Deloitte Services LP


Talent attraction is a crucial first step in your recruitment strategy. But what happens after a candidate has followed you on social media, signed up for your talent network or registered for a recruiting event?


Rally Recruitment Marketing Ideabook:
11 Pro Tips for Better Talent Engagement

In this Rally Ideabook, 11 practitioners share their top talent engagement tips and how they’ve used engagement as a strategy to build valuable relationships and turn candidates into applicants. We’ve brought you some of the best and brightest minds! These practitioners were presenters at our RallyFwd Virtual Conference in May 2019 which was focused on bringing forward top talent engagement strategies. The conference received rave reviews from the Rally Recruitment Marketing community, so we’re sure you’ll walk away with actionable ideas too! Inside, we’ve summarized their talent engagement tips and the top takeaways from each practitioner. You’ll even get to see the stellar results their companies saw from their efforts!

Our inspiration? Twice each year in May and December, we host a free virtual conference called RallyFwd™ where leading practitioners share their expertise and insights with the Rally community. The theme of RallyFwd in May 2019 was Talent Engagement strategies to gain a recruiting advantage.

In this ideabook, you’ll hear from: Social Tribe, T-Mobile, Wells Fargo, Discover, Radius Intelligence, TTEC, Accolade, iCIMS, Memorial Sloan Kettering, BAE Systems and Deloitte.

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