The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Engaging Talent Newsletter!

Why launch a talent newsletter strategy?

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Download the Checklist

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Your CRM and ATS are filled with candidates who have applied for your jobs, silver medalists, current and former team members and sourced talent. Are you keeping them engaged so that they'll consider working for your company in the future?

With a talent newsletter, you can keep your talent database warm to help fill roles faster. By sharing relevant content on a regular basis, a talent newsletter is an effective way to nurture and engage passive candidates to apply for your current jobs. In addition, a talent newsletter enables employers to re-recruit talent who are already familiar with their employer brand, helping to reduce the cost of advertising on job boards.

Download this Rally Talent Newsletter Checklist today to get the ultimate guide to planning and launching your talent newsletter strategy! 

Talent Newsletter Checklist

Download the checklist to launch your talent newsletter today!

Download this expert checklist to plan and launch a newsletter that will keep your employer brand in front of your talent community, maintain their interest in wanting to work for your company and show candidates that you're invested in progressing their careers and skills. 


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5 goals to know if your newsletter is effective

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6 steps to launching your talent newsletter

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Learn the 6 Steps to Launching Your Talent Newsletter

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