3 Career Sites Where Employees Shine

Tell your employer brand story to candidates by sharing employee stories about what it’s like to work at your company. Here are three career sites where employees shine: Bank of Ireland, PSA Healthcare and Digital Federal Credit Union.

Employees from across the company answer the question that is top of mind for every candidate: “Why did you choose to work at Bank of Ireland?”


Rally Recruitment Marketing Lookbook:
Three Career Sites Where Employees Shine

There are no better recruiters than your employees. They represent what it’s really like to work at your company, and play a key role in attracting the right people and influencing their decision to apply and accept your offer.

Candidates want to hear transparently and directly from the employees who work with you. With unfiltered employer review sites, you can’t hide your culture, nor should you. Statistics show the first few months are critical to determining whether joining your company or making that hire was a good move. It’s better for both of you to determine fit early in the candidate journey and recruiting process.

That’s where your career site comes in. It’s an opportunity for you to build trust, to show not just tell, to put a face to the names, to let employee voices be heard, not only read. There are many ways to let employees shine on your career site, from videos to testimonials to photos. Put it all out there authentically, and let candidates decide first whether they want to move forward and apply.

Here are 3 companies doing it well:

1. Bank of Ireland profiles employees from every team, showing that behind this brand are real people working together for its customers.

2. PSA Healthcare competes for the best pediatric nurses by offering work that fulfills their purpose, told by its employees’ heartfelt stories.

3. Digital Federal Credit Union profiles employees who represent its values in how they serve the credit union’s members and each other.

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