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But don't worry, we'll break it all down for you so that you'll be able to explain Recruitment Marketing tracking to your boss in just 1 hour.

Track Your Way to Recruitment Marketing Success


How does tracking work, technically

What information can you learn from tracking

What the heck are UTM codes, and when you can and can't use them

Advanced tips for tracking organic and paid campaigns side-by-side

How to connect the dots between Recruitment Marketing’s influence on recruiting

Lori Sylvia
Rally Founder & CEO

Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO, Rally
Rally Webinar

Join us to learn how to track your Recruitment Marketing strategy like a pro!

Rally Inside - Show Your Impact

Join Rally’s Lori Sylvia for a deep-dive on how to track your Recruitment Marketing strategy like a pro. In this
1-hour Webinar On Demand, for beginners and practitioners at every level, you’ll walk away with the know-how to implement tracking, interpret analytics and uncover insights to optimize your campaigns and content across social and digital recruiting channels. Plus, get your own Free account to Rally® Inside™, our Recruitment Marketing analytics & benchmarking tool, so that you can start tracking your strategy immediately to discover what works best for you!

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1 Hour

Note:  This training webinar is for in-house practitioners who work for employers. 

Best practices from our community of 38,000 professionals in Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding and Human Resources.

[ WEBINAR On Demand ]

You’ll learn:

Tracking social media, email and talent newsletters

Tracking paid social and digital ads

Free and low-cost tools you can use, like Rally Inside, Google Analytics and Hootsuite

What we'll cover:

What we won't cover:

Tracking traditional job advertising on job boards


You'll get a FREE Rally® Inside™ account so that you can start tracking your Recruitment Marketing strategy immediately following the webinar!

Existing Rally Inside users are invited to join the webinar as well to take their tracking to the next level!

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Rally® Inside™ shows you what works best to attract talent to your jobs and employer brand by analyzing candidate engagement with your Recruitment Marketing content. With an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks, measures, reports and benchmarks data across your social media and digital channels, you’ll have the insights you need to break through the noise and influence great talent to choose your company. Learn more at

All About Tracking for Recruitment Marketing