Learn how to capture employee stories from any location to support your global employer brand.

What You'll Learn:

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If your employees work in different locations, whether across the country or around the world, you know that their employee experience is different based on team and geography. This can present a challenge for building a comprehensive Recruitment Marketing strategy, because it’s important to create recruiting content that both resonates locally and that reflects the overarching employer brand of your company. The key to attracting global candidates with stories is to tap into the common experiences across your organization. What best practice strategies can you use to execute on a localized content plan that aligns with your global employer value proposition?

Watch on-demand to learn best practices for how to uncover and capture local employee stories that support your employer brand. You'll learn:


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Global Employer Branding Content: Secrets for Local and Global Storytelling



Specific tactics you can use to know what stories matter to candidates in each region where your company operates

How to tie your employee stories to your global employer brand pillars

With distributed teams and travel limited, how to uncover and capture employee stories in an authentic and professional way

Maria Velandia
Content Marketing Manager, Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing for the Americas, Philips

Jill Shabelman
Director of Client Services, Stories Incorporated