Improving the conversion rate of applicants on your career site is not beyond your control. Learn optimization strategies, techniques and tools you can use to improve the candidate experience, reduce drop off and increase completed applications.

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The hard truth is that the vast majority of candidates who visit your career site never apply. Somewhere between clicking on a job ad to enter your site and clicking submit on an application, interested and qualified talent are dropping off big time and you may have no idea why or how to fix it!

But there are fixes you can make that have proven to engage visitors on your site and increase the number of applications you receive. Register to watch the webinar and learn the types of changes you can implement to impact your career site’s conversion rate.  

Candidate Experience Fixes that Get More Applications

Learn to optimize the candidate experience on your career site to increase completed applications

Join Rally and iCIMS for a Webinar On Demand to learn how you can make your career site work better for you to convert more qualified candidates and increase the ROI of your job ads.    

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You’ll learn:

How to evaluate your career site in order to identify the cause of your low conversions

Tools and solutions that will enhance your career site to improve your conversion rate 

Examples of how to tie your career site to your large TA goals  

Pro tips for optimizing your pages (including your job descriptions) to encourage and motivate candidates to apply 

Best practices for tracking the impact of these changes and making continual improvements

Improving the candidate experience can increase completed applications. Watch On Demand to learn more!

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Lori Sylvia
Founder & CEO, Rally

Michele Posehn
Senior Recruiting Manager - Diversity and Early Talent Initiatives, SiteOne

Katie Conti
VP of Talent Programs and Operations, iCIMS