Join Rally, PathMotion, Mars and Micron for a Webinar On Demand to learn the top techniques for encouraging a new type of employee generated content (EGC) that’s dynamic, interactive and still “on brand.” 

You'll hear from experts Chris Woods from Mars, John Taylor from Micron and David Rivel from PathMotion, who will share innovative strategies to implement employee generated content for every stage of the funnel and push your candidate engagement to new heights.

Encourage new forms of employee generated content

Rally Webinar

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Employees creating and sharing content has a big effect on the reach and impact of your Recruitment Marketing efforts. But what if you pushed your teams to do more? What if they became content creators, sharing an inside look at your company and culture? 

The future of employee generated content is going beyond employees writing blogs or resharing corporate social media posts to creating their own content that gives an authentic view of their employee experience and connects directly with talent.  Join Rally and PathMotion to learn: 


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Employee content creators: 
a new phase of employee generated content



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How employee generated content is evolving, and what it means for your strategy

New ways to turn your employees into content creators to help you attract & recruit talent

Technology and platforms for managing this content so that you keep your employer brand message consistent and accurate

Strategies to leverage EGC across your recruiting channels to influence the candidate journey

Chris Woods, Employer Reputation & Recruitment Marketing Specialist, Mars

Chris Woods
Employer Reputation & Recruitment Marketing Specialist, Mars

John Taylor
Talent Brand Manager, Global Talent Brand & Innovation, Micron 

John Taylor, Talent Brand Manager, Global Talent Brand & Innovation, Micron
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David Rivel
Co-founder, PathMotion

David Rivel, Co-founder, PathMotion

Lori Sylvia
Founder & CEO, Rally

Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO, Rally

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