Learn best practices for building and launching an employer brand campaign that rallies candidates and team members around your company culture, improving brand awareness and driving employee engagement.

Transform your recruitment and retention strategy with proven employer brand campaigns.

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Are you struggling to attract top talent and retain your best employees? Discover how effective employer branding can transform your recruitment and retention strategies in Rally's upcoming webinar with The Knot Worldwide and Stories Incorporated. Learn from Alex Wallace and Bernadette Van Gieson as they share how aligning your internal and external branding efforts can significantly enhance your company's appeal to prospective and current employees alike. See how The Knot Worldwide's impactful video campaign has not only increased their visibility but also bolstered employee morale. Join us to gain actionable insights that can help you build a stronger, more engaged workforce.

Strategic Alignment: How to synchronize internal and external employer branding efforts for maximum impact.

Effective Campaign Examples: Insights into successful campaigns, including a case study of The Knot Worldwide's video series that showcases employee stories and company culture.

Boosting Brand Awareness: Techniques for using employer brand campaigns to enhance visibility and attractiveness as an employer.

Engaging Current Employees: Best practices for leveraging employer branding to boost morale and maintain high engagement levels among team members.

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Join us for an enlightening webinar to learn how to create an effective employer brand campaign that significantly enhances engagement with potential hires and existing employees. You'll be inspired by the experiences of Alex Wallace from The Knot Worldwide and Bernadette Van Gieson from Stories Inc., who will share proven strategies and practical examples of campaigns that have successfully elevated brand awareness and fostered robust employee engagement.  


Wednesday, May 22

1-2 PM ET | 10-11 AM PT

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Bernadette Van Gieson

Growth Marketing, Stories Incorporated

Alexandra Wallace

Manager of Talent Brand, The Knot Worldwide 

Lori Sylvia

Founder & CEO, Rally

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Become a Talent Magnet: Employer Brand Campaigns that Attract & Retain

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