[Live Webinar] Employer Branding That Speaks Uniquely to Women in Technology

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Recruiting women in technology roles is a strategic hiring initiative for nearly every employer. While there’s lots of progress being made in education and training for girls and women in STEM careers, the current shortage of available talent presents a huge challenge for employers committed to diversity and inclusion. Traditional recruiting methods just aren’t effective with these highly sought after candidates. What can you do to make your employer brand attractive to women in technology and ensure your employee experience makes them want to stay?

Join Rally and The Muse for this insightful Live Webinar on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 2pm ET // 11am PT where you’ll learn how to develop an employer brand that speaks uniquely to women in technology. Our presenters will be Carbon Black’s Ashley Perez, Senior Talent Brand Ambassador, and Maritza Gamboa, Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, who will share how they team up to make Carbon Black a top workplace for women. You’ll hear how Ashley and Maritza have boldly put what’s most important to female technical talent front and center through an innovative recruitment marketing campaign called #SecureWomen and programs like their employee resource group, The Cigar Room. You’ll walk away with fresh ideas to bring to your leadership and hiring managers for increasing the representation of women at all levels of your company.


  • How to uncover your unique employer value proposition for women in technical jobs
  • Strategies to create powerful messaging that resonates on a personal and professional level with female talent
  • Ways to authentically promote your HR programs on compensation equality, mentorship, and career advancement
  • The channels and events that have been most effective for recruiting women
  • Live Q&A with our speakers


Ashley Perez      Maritza Gamboa      Rally Founder Lori Sylvia




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