Learn new research on how gender-coded words are impacting your diversity recruiting initiatives, and get actionable strategies to remove bias in your 2021 job advertising.

 What You'll Learn:

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The words you use in your job ads matter.

As employers seek to increase diversity, equity and inclusion within their organization, one of the most important places to focus is how they attract and recruit talent. New research from Appcast has found that using gender-coded words in job advertising not only negatively impacts the diversity of qualified candidates that apply, it also costs more. 

Join Rally and Appcast for this on-demand presentation to learn how to improve your recruitment advertising to support DEI goals. You'll learn:


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Removing Gender Bias in Job Ads



New research that reveals how gender-neutral language results in the lowest CPA and the most applications

Which gender-coded words have the greatest impact on job ads across key job functions and industries

Specific actions you can take to update the language you use in your talent attraction strategy

Lori Sylvia
Founder, Rally

Heather Salerno
SVP, Marketing, Appcast